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Asar the mother of Hru, the loyal wife of Asar and mother of the golden child Hru...

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Asar the mother of Hru, the loyal wife of Asar and mother of the golden child Hru spent 70 days healing her healing her husband. She is the mother of libraries who had the wisdom to cure her father Ra after he was bitten by a snake. Asar, Aset and Hru were the first psychologists of the Afrakan family. Every Nesut who came after the holy family became responsible for leading the community into a higher level of consciousness. If you want to succeed and inspire your brothers and sister you must also become an Afrakan Psychologist.

Akhenaten the brother of young prince Tut Ank Amen changed his name from Amen Htp IV to Akhenaten. He is one of the most successful Afrakn psychologists of all times. 

On this course, we are going to explore several biographies. From Akhenaten to Malcolm X, Dr Asa Hilliard, Dr Ben, Ani Marimba, Mfundishi and many remarkable Afrakan thinkers who have succeeded in inspiring and leading generations to wonderful destinations. 

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The book of coming forth by day -2 months course

Afrakan Sahuologists  are teachers who strive to inspire and lead their brothers and sisters to freedom & consciousness. Asar was the husband of Aset and the father of Hru, the blessed one. One day he was...

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This is an amazing course that will help you to understand yourself and your culture. Watch the videos, listen to the books and you will and be inspired by unique mentors and leaders.

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