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Ancient History of Afraka -Kemet

The origins of Psychology. Kemet 10.000 BC. Brother Ani awoke from a strange dream. Before he ...

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The origins of Psychology. Kemet 10.000 BC. Brother Ani awoke from a strange dream. Before he left the bed he shared details of the unique dream with of his young wife. He told her that he say the ancestors who happily welcome him to the Duat, the realm of the Ntchru. I saw Jehuty and the scales of Maat. I saw Hru the son of the bless one, our father Asar. I saw our sacred lady, the mother of the Hru. I looked into the Golden eyes of Aset, the mother of the Hero who saved us from Setesh, the wicked and greedy one. The end of my journey on this earth has been announced.
Crying and holding her husband's hands, Ani's wife and mother of a beautiful child looked at her husband and said. 
I am crying, don't be sad my dear husband, my tears are tears of joy. We must speak to the scribes and order "The book of coming forth by light"  The book of coming forth to light is one of the oldest psychological instructions in the world. 
On this section, we are going to look into the origins and meaning of Psychology . Psychology was first used by Afrakans. Maat is the spiritual system that enables naked black men and naked black women to stand next to one another without any problem. The same doesn't happen in non Afrakan culture( Exception of native IIndians) The reason why there were no rape or prisons in Afraka is because people followed the laws of nature. Maat. We will also look into Oriental and European Psychology. 
This course will introduce you to 
  • Maat 
  • Buddha
  • Joseph Cambell  


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