Our Team

          We aim to inspire and help people to transform their lives. 




Brother Hru ankh Jehuty 
Founder of Afro Consciousness. Passionate about culture & entrepreneurship 

Afrakan Nesut Bity who started the Teken (Obelix)

Husband of Aset and father of Hru 

Inventor, architect, writer, teacher, doctor, Multi Genius 

Dr Sebi 
Healer & teacher 

Dr Asa Hilliard 
Historian, psychologist, author, teacher and leader 

One of the greatest leaders and teachers of Kemet 

The fundamental and timeless spiritual principle of Afrakan people 

The Buddha, teacher who inspired people to find the God inside them 

Malcolm X
Teacher, Healer and seeker of higher consciousness 

Sister Hathesheptsut  
Director of customer service 

Cheik Anta Diop 
Linguist, historian, scientist and Sahuologist


Brother Kofi
Director of Afro Consciousness Afraka 

Nesut & older brother of Tut Ankh Amen 

Theophile Obenga  
Historian & Linguist 

Master Mfundishi 
Nesut & master teacher, mentor & spiritual healer  

Creative principle 

Dr Ben & Dr John Henrik Clarke  
Historians, linguists and healers 

Maya Angelo 
Author, thinker & healer   

Joseph Campbell 
Author of the Hero with 1000 faces 

Mama Afraka  
Mother of the human race 

Ernscie Augustin  
Director of social media services  

Arthur Ashe 
Grand Slam winner, thinker & author 

Althea Gibson 
Grand Slam winner, leader and source of inspiration